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The most recent versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Web browsers are recommended for full functionality (Macintosh and Windows). To download Firefox or Chrome for free, click the icons to the left.

-- If you have forgotten your Moodle password, go here to reset it and you will receive information via your DePauw Google Mail. If you cannot access that mail account, go to the HelpDesk with your DePauw ID to reset your passwords.
-- If you cannot see a Moodle course and you are certain your professor uses Moodle, ask your professor to make the course available to students under Settings/Edit Settings/Availability.

Please note a change in procedures with adding students to Moodle courses. Since Moodle now syncs with the Registrar's database hourly, we do not plan to enroll late-add students to Moodle courses. Students who add a course and need access to materials in Moodle should
          1) Wait at least an hour after enrolling in the class with the Registrar
          2) Check with the Registrar to verify the added course appears in its system
          3) If so, then contact moodle@depauw.edu to investigate further
Moodle also syncs Library course reserves hourly. Please contact Mandy Henk at amandahenk@depauw.edu with questions about library course reserves. 

This Moodle site hosts courses for 2013-2014.
For courses Fall 2011-Spring 2013, please login to Moodle Archive or moodlearchive.depauw.edu.
Your Moodle (network/DePauw) username and password are the same for both Moodle servers. Faculty and staff, please contact moodle@depauw.edu if you need help accessing and transferring your past courses into Moodle 2.3.

  • Codes of Conduct

    DePauw University codes of conduct that guide student, faculty and staff behavior apply to all Moodle courses/sites. The DePauw University Academic Handbook outlines these codes of conduct.

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Picture of Jin Kim
Using long filename or special characters in filename
by Jin Kim - Sunday, April 6, 2014, 1:08 PM

When anyone upload a file to a course with a long filename or special characters in filename, you may upload a file without problem. But, after that, when you try to access the file you may get an error and may not access the file.

Please do not use very long filename or special characters in filename. You may still use any characters in label, title, or any content area though.

Picture of Adonica Sendelbach
Class Visits
by Adonica Sendelbach - Saturday, June 1, 2013, 5:01 PM

We are available to provide your students with a quick overview session of Moodle 2.3 the first day of class. To schedule an overview session, please email moodle@depauw.edu.


Moodle is DePauw University's primary learning management system (LMS). Moodle enables faculty members to enhance their face-to-face teaching and their students’ learning by providing an online environment to distribute materials and encourage collaboration and interaction both within and outside the classroom.

A Moodle site can also be requested for a University recognized department or organization for information sharing, collaboration and/or communication that promotes the department or organization's official mission.

with questions, training requests, or suggestions.

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